Experiencing Bad and Appreciating Good

Recently on the radio, I heard a preacher mention that once he asked God to show him people where he could be most of service to. That answer came in the form of a ship full of rough sailors. That illustration made sense. We typically think of feeding the poor and providing physical needs to impoverished nations.I wish I were as emotionally strong as he was and able to withstand those situations long-term. Each of us fit better in various situations.I’ve tried working in tough environments but just end up a nervous wreck. These days, I seek peace and balance while still finding ways to bless others. For me, enduring days and nights of inappropriate workplace environment does not produce fruit for anyone. It doesn’t make me a witness or bring professionalism.

I’ve learned to recognize where I fit best. I acknowledge work decisions are harder for fathers and single people who have limited choices and families to support. Although I will be moving on soon, I try to find lessons learned in every situation.My body has told me I cannot work overnight twelve-hour shift six days a week and run on no food or sleep. My spirit/emotions have told me when it’s time to leave a negative environment.At my current stage in life, I feel my role is to support young parents and encourage their children. Working part-time may be a solution.Two things I have come to appreciate this year are my family and my God. I think I’ve been cured of swearing. I’ve listened to so much of it during the past six months, I will never take words for granted again.How many people stay years in a job they don’t enjoy because they don’t know what else they may be able to do? How many of those people may be more relaxed if they enjoyed what they did? How many of those people would be healthier if they made a change?

In America, we are blessed with opportunities people in some countries don’t have. Our poverty levels don’t compare with what can be seen on television news. Look for opportunities where you can make a difference. Learn from tough experiences and use them to appreciate good ones.Trust your instincts and listen to your body. Make changes if needed and find ways to cope if you are unable to at the moment. Communicate with your spouse so they can participate in the process. Personally, I want more time with family I cherish and will be making a change. Best wishes to you in your journey.